Tokyo Buzz is the ninth chapter of the ongoing series The Buzz Project. It was shot in Tokyo, Japan, in 2018.

With 35 million inhabitants - around 25% of the population of Japan - Tokyo metropolitan area is the richest and most populated in the world, representing Japan’s most important industrial, commercial and economical hub.

Known until 1868 by the name Edo, since XVII century is the heart of Japan’s poitical stage, quickly developing from a small fishermem’s village into one of the world’s largest urban areas. Completely destroied during world War II and rebuilt with a cutting edge transportation system, Tokyo is a haead of time and a global model of efficiency, where tradition coexist harmoniously with a voracious appetite for modernity. 

Despite being hit by several waves of economical crises during the nineties and in recent years, along with New York and London, Tokyo still represents one of the main “control rooms” for the global economy.

Tokyo Buzz explores the metropolis beyond its clichés across its thousand souls, showing the human side and the many contradictions of a complex society, suspended between past and future and in constant transformation. It is a the portrait of a unique city and its people - from the most proletarian suburbs to the shiny light of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza - a city which can reveal its deepest identity through the texture of its aesthetic surface.